collar stays are so yesterday.

no metal. no magnets. just hold.


how it works

1 TFA Withatie

When wearing a tie, place the Anchors at the point of the collar. This gives your collar a very natural lay around the knot, unlike metal collar stays which can look stiff and unnatural.

2 TFA Withoutatie

You like an open collar but don’t want to look like John Travolta? Using the Anchor as a hidden button provides an easy solution to achieve that perfect amount of freedom you desire.

4 TFA Hiddenbutton

The most unique aspect of the Fashion Anchor is its ability to prop your collar up in a way that no other stays on the market can compete with. Great when wearing a blazer.

3 TFA Casualshirt

Fashion Anchors also work perfectly on those pesky polo shirt collars that seem to have a mind of their own... flopping out of place and curling at the edges.

the company

Created by menswear nerd Jon Yeazel in 2012, The Fashion Anchor delivers a useful and innovative alternative to the plastic, metal and magnetic collar stays found in today’s department stores. Jon wholeheartedly believes that this is hands down the best way to maintain the look of your collar. The Anchors really get down to the core functionality of what guys want out of their collar stays, making their collars stand up and stay down all at the same time.

We are confident that the quality and usefulness of the product will speak for itself while we carve out a niche of loyal customers and continue to educate new ones on this simple, yet effective method to keep your collars under control. Our customers have proven to be our most powerful marketing tool as our word of mouth sales increase month over month.


This is my first order from you and definitely not the last. I have tried something from the craft shop to mimic your product, of course it wouldn't compare. But I loved the idea and how much better my dress shirts looked. So with that said, I can't possibly wear any dress shirts without a tie if I don't have your product. Can't wait to wear them!

Shawn Mores

This product is AMAZING. I don't know how I lived without it going to all these business meetings and doing all these presentations. I'll advertise to all my colleagues. I'm NOT looking for you guys to sponsor me or anything of the sort. I just love this product and want to spread the word within my circle and even to overseas clients that see monthly. Thanks for this AMAZING product!

Mark Arthur Anoh

I wanted to take a second to extend my thanks and complete satisfaction with your product. I've recommended it to all my colleagues and friends! Thanks for creating such an amazing product. I use these almost every day, and refuse to use anything else.

Stephen Krikorian


  • Are Fashion Anchors Reusable?
    Yes & No…. Once removed, the Fashion Anchor will not be nearly as effective as the original application. However, if you leave the Fashion Anchors on your shirt, they will work as many times as you need them until physically removed.
  • Do Fashion Anchors leave a sticky residue on my shirts?
    No, the Fashion Anchor will not leave any mess behind on any of your garments. They were created with cleanliness in mind. We have thousands of happy customers and not a single ruined article of clothing.
  • Can Fashion Anchors go in the washing machine?
    When put in the washing machine, the Fashion Anchors will either come off completely and drain through the same holes in your washing machine that the water drains through, or they will stay very loosely attached to your garment and can be easily removed before putting your clothes into the dryer.
  • Are Fashion Anchors safe for dry cleaning?
    Like any other collar stay, we strongly advise that you remove them before dry-cleaning your shirt. Since the Anchor itself is a hot-melt adhesive, it can damage your clothing if it is exposed to too much direct heat. Regardless of this, we have heard from many customers who forgot to remove their Anchors before dry cleaning. Not a single shirt has been reported as damaged!
  • How long will a 36 pack of Fashion Anchors last me?
    This depends on how you handle them. They can last up to 5-6 uses if placed on your shirt once and not messed with. Once applied to the item, however, they are not transferable to another. They will be stretched out and wont sit flat on your next shirt, which is key to them working effectively.
  • Will Fashion Anchors ruin my clothing?
    No they won’t… we guarantee it! In the event that they do, we will make you a custom shirt of your choice to replace any damage that was done to an existing shirt. We stand behind the product and are confident that you will love it!

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