These fashion anchors have helped revolutionize the ways in which I'm able to address my shirts.  I love them!  Thank you! Nate F.

I'm from Berlin, Germany.  Last month, I watched a video from Aaron Marino, and he mentioned that he's now an owner of the Fashion Anchor. What I've heard and seen was amazing. That's why I wanted to give your product a try and this is by far one of the best inventions in the history of men's fashion! I just want to show my appreciation. Suleyman

My wife is crazy over these!  She has used them more than me.  She used one on her blouse that was button up so you couldn't peek in to see her girls! Ha. She also used one on her top to hold it in place. I used one as a tie holder and it worked great!  No tie bar or pin needed. Josh and Rachael W.

I just want to say I'm SO! happy I found your company again! When I went to the first StyleCon, towards the end, I was given a pack of the anchors. With all the moving that I have done, I misplaced the packaging and never remembered the name. Thankfully I was avoiding doing my college assignment and decided to catch up on some men's style videos and had to see what Alpha was up to, and boy I'm glad I did! I finally saw your product! Thanks for the initial gift you gave me that day! Keiron P.

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