How it works

how it works

1 TFA Withatie

When wearing a tie, place the Anchors at the point of the collar. This gives your collar a very natural lay around the knot, unlike metal collar stays which can look stiff and unnatural.

2 TFA Withoutatie

You like an open collar but don’t want to look like John Travolta? Using the Anchor as a hidden button provides an easy solution to achieve that perfect amount of freedom you desire.

4 TFA Hiddenbutton

The most unique aspect of the Fashion Anchor is its ability to prop your collar up in a way that no other stays on the market can compete with. Great when wearing a blazer.

3 TFA Casualshirt

Fashion Anchors also work perfectly on those pesky polo shirt collars that seem to have a mind of their own... flopping out of place and curling at the edges.

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